Our Mission

Providing state-of-the-art technological solutions for our partners

Our mission is to provide software and hardware solutions for your business that not only meet your unique requirements but also exceed them. Whether it's building a completely new system or upgrading an existing one, we will assist you throughout the entire process.

What makes us unique?

Our expertise and unique approach

Our team, consisting of experienced developers, engineers, designers, and project managers, guarantees quality. We pay special attention to ensuring that the products and services we create are reliable, secure, and user-friendly. Moreover, they are easily integrable into your business.

Innovative approach.
We approach each project uniquely and strive to develop the most innovative solutions in close collaboration with our partners. By integrating the latest technologies, we ensure that your company is ready for the future in this digital world.

About Us

Technical Troupers: where expertise meets innovation.

Our team members have been working in the IT industry for 15 years, gaining experience in various fields. During this time, they have participated in numerous projects and collaborated with businesses, assisting them in their digital development. Our passion for the latest technologies, commitment to quality, and customer-centric approach make us a reliable partner for anyone trying to establish themselves in this digital world.

Why Choose Us?

Our Partners Come First: Our partners' success is paramount to us. That's why we maintain close relationships with all our clients and work to ensure that our services exceed their expectations.
High Quality: Our experienced team and rigorous quality control methods guarantee the reliable, secure, and high-performance operation of our products and services.
Precision: In the rapidly evolving digital world, time is of the essence, and our company understands this well. Therefore, meeting deadlines is of utmost importance to us.
Exceptional Flexibility: Due to the rapid evolution of the IT world, our partners' needs often change, sometimes even during a project. Our team takes pride in always finding solutions in such situations and quickly adapting to the changing circumstances.
Unique Support Approach: For our company, a project never truly ends. We maintain continuous close contact with our partners and ensure the ongoing operation, maintenance, and development of the systems we create. If needed, we also take on the entire publishing and operational process, further aiding your business.

Our Services

Our company offers comprehensive implementation of complex digital projects and systems, whether it's mobile applications, websites, backend solutions, or hardware solutions.


Software Development

Software development tailored to unique needs, whether for public or internal use, serving both general and business purposes.


Web Development

Creating websites and online stores. Establishing an online corporate presence.


Mobile Application

Development of mobile applications and custom publishing for all platforms as per requirements.


Server, Backend

Development and operation of server and backend applications.


Smart Home Systems

Designing, developing, and implementing custom smart home systems.


Building Automation

Designing and impelenting building, office and industrial automation systems.

Our Recent Projects



A custom smart home system developed entirely by our team - hardware, backend, mobile application.



Automation - Smarthome 

Full automation of a 30-apartment residential building built on the Croatian coast - design and implementation.

Estate Finder

Web application

EstateFinder - An internal-use real estate sales and management web application.
Magnus d.o.o.

Projekt Odra

Automation - Smarthome

Complete automation of a 300-apartment residential complex being built in the Odra district of Zagreb - design and implementation.

Projekt Odra

Our Partners